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Do you know where to find the best price for women's soccer cleats?

By Robert B.

There are many types, styles, and sizes of soccer shoes available for women, but not all of them are the same. In general, womenís soccer cleats fit the same as menís, although some companies do sell shoes just for women. In my opinion, they are just charging you more by calling them "womenís." Just like men soccer shoes, women should consider some things before making a purchase.

The feel the cleat gives can mainly be determined by the material itís made out of. Synthetic materials have a shiny and slick appearance. They are generally waterproof and last longer than other materials. Most experience players opt to use leather soccer cleats, Kangaroo leather more specifically. These shoes feel much better on your feet because they are flexible and mold to the contours of your feet. Their only downside is that they allow water to come in and are harder to clean, but I feel the benefits of these definitely out weight the negatives.

Something as simple as color can make a difference to. While most players opt for standard black shoes, some go for limegreen soccer cleats. These help to distract your opponent because their attention will be drawn to your bright soccer shoes instead of the ball.

Also the bottom cleats should be considered. Standard cleats come with molds, which are great for players that play in every condition imaginable. Cleats with removable studs are also available, but check the length requirements your league might have. These are better for wet and tall grass fields.

While youíre looking for the best price for womenís soccer cleats, definitely consider these top brands: Baliston, Puma, and Adidas soccer cleats.

And lastly, have fun on the fields!

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