Size 14 Soccer Cleats
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Size 14 soccer cleats are available if you know where to look!

By Robert B.

For those with larger feet and enjoy to play soccer, sometimes the size you need just isnít available at local stores. Either they donít sell enough to carry a large supply, or the manufacturer might not make size 14 soccer cleats. The internet, however, does offer many easy ways to find the large size soccer cleats. But before you start looking, have you consider some of these other options?

Are you looking for basic soccer shoes with molded bottoms (one piece) or replacement soccer cleats that have removable studs? Molded cleats are the best for harder fields, shorter grass, and drier conditions.

For beginners, it is highly recommended to go with synthetic material cleats because they are waterproof, easier to clean, and last longer. Leather shoes (Kangaroo leather is the most common) mold to your feet better, give a softer feel, but generally are not waterproof.

Most people donít give thought to what to look for in soccer shoes. But since youíre looking for larger shoes than normal, donít buy just any one that fits you. You should definitely shop around and only buy ones that offer everything youíre looking for!

Now get out on the field and have fun with some new cleats!

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