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Stand out with limegreen soccer cleats!

By Robert B.

Whether youíre an introductory or experienced soccer player, sometimes you just want people to notice your new cleats. With limegreen soccer cleats youíre sure to stand out in the crowd, and even distract your competition because your bright shoes get their attention when they should be watching the ball!

You can find this color of cleats in all brands, including Baliston, Adidas, Puma, or any other replacement soccer cleats. Also they are available in size 14 and smaller, but there are always exceptions.

Before you decide to purchase some limegreen soccer cleats, what features should you look for so that you perform your best out on the field?

Molds or studs - This depends on what conditions you will primarily be playing on. If youíll be playing on rough, dry ground with short to medium height grass, then definitely just get soccer shoes with a bottom mold. But if you plan on playing on multiple styles of fields, both dry and wet, then removable studs may be what you need. Make sure you have extra studs at every game, just in case if one breaks. Also, check with your league to see what is the maximum length allowed.

Leather or synthetic material - Beginners should go with synthetic material, which is generally waterproof but stiffer. But experienced players should consider kangaroo leather for your lime green soccer cleats. This material shapes to your feet and feel better, although may allow some water through.

Whether youíre looking for the best price for menís or women's soccer cleats, or just like the look of lime green soccer cleats, follow the above tips and youíll be sure to have some soccer shoes that everyone will want!

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