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Are you using a nike shinguards sleeve to keep your shin guards in place?

By Robert B.

If youíre using shin guards that donít have velcro shinguard straps, then your probably using medical tape or something else to keep your shin guards from moving around under your socks. Thereís got to be a better way to manage this than to use up a roll of tape every week!

Thatís why a Nike shinguards sleeve, also know as Nike Dr-Fit sleeve, was developed! They are a great way to keep your shin guards in place, regardless of the brand, including Uhlsport, Umbro, and even Lotto shin guards. They should definitely be a part of your soccer equipment, and they are a discount deal.

So youíre probably asking how they work. They are made of woven and breathable material; the last thing you want are your legs burning up and sweaty because of the sleeves. You can picture them as socks, but without the bottoms that cover your feet; theyíre tubes. After placing your shin guards on you simply slide a Nike shinguards sleeve over the shin guard. Donít worry, they stretch and then fit snuggly to keep your legs comfortable and shin guards in place.

Whether youíre a veteran player or just getting started, these things are true gems. They do the job they were manufactured to do, and they do it well! You can toss aside the tape to your friend, because you certainly wonít need it anymore.

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